Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.

PATTON's Performance Bootcamp
High intensity interval training (HIIT) style classes are a great way to burn calories, increase stamina and flexibility.
Our 60-minute sessions include a dynamic warm-up, workout, metabolic meltdown finisher, then a cool-down, and stretching period. This program has been proven to be the most effective training time for fat loss and building strength for men and women. Each participant works out at their own pace within the group.
Each component is designed to focus on speed, agility, power, strength, or endurance. Many of the exercises rely on body weight, but we also utilize equipment such as dumbbells, resistance bands, agility ladders, a partner’s body weight, and other natural and man-made aspects of the park like stairs, benches, hills and the parking lot. Our training weeks are designed so that there is minimal overlap in training different muscle groups. This allows for greater recovery and a highly efficient approach to achieving balanced, total-body fitness.
Moving through each session, we gradually increase the training intensity and volume to keep up with your body as it adapts to the training, ensuring that you’ll receive the most out of every week you train. This is a year-round program that delivers results while keeping it challenging, safe, sustainable, interesting, and fun for participants.
Patton's Performance Bootcamp Instructor, Audrey Patton is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist who will keep it fun and challenging while making modifications for individuals which makes the training more personalized.
What people are saying
Audrey is one the best bootcamp/PTs I have ever had. She always pushes me to my limits and is right there when I want to give up to push me just a lil more! I’m starting to get my confidence for working out again back one workout at a time!! Come and join us for a class! 

- Meredith Land


Audrey is amazing at tailoring a workout to any fitness level and her workouts are never boring or repetitive! Even the most advanced athletes continue to see results 💪🏻

- Brandon Helms

Time flies by in boot camp, due to challenging workouts with great variety. I have experienced cardiovascular benefits as well as increased flexibility. Highly recommend trying it out!  

- Elizabeth Hindal


Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes are held outdoors at the Belle Johnston Community Center (BJCC) in Pineville, NC.

During inclement weather (Rain or below 38 degrees) classes will take place inside the Gym.

Class days and times:

MONDAY (Total Body Strength & Cardio at BJCC) 5:15 AM 6:15 AM
WEDNESDAY (Total Body Strength & Cardio at BJCC) 5:15 AM 6:15 AM
FRIDAY (Total Body Strength & Cardio at BJCC) 5:15 AM 6:15 AM
Bootcamp Pricing
Quantity Description Price
1 Drop in Rate 
3 Package of 5 classes 
1 Month Best Value, Unlimited classes per calendar month! 

Payment Options


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Why us?
Our endurance training style benefits your overall heart health, balance, flexibility as well as aides in weight loss. 
This style is proven to allow the body to operate more efficiently, improve your mental health and overall sleep quality. 
Endurance training allows the body and mind to release stress, think clearer and increase your reaction time.
Strength training is all about continuing to push yourself and your muscles to their limits and beyond! 
With strength training, you stress your bones which helps increase bone density and increase metabolism.
Whether you are starting at 5 lbs or 100lbs, we can help you increase your lean muscle mass while improving flexibility, mobility and overall body mechanics.
Speed is increased by repetition and constant challenge, putting your muscles through a fuller range of motion which improves your flexibility. 
During classes and tailored personal training sessions, we change up the style and pace by working muscle fibers within the muscle leading to better muscle balance.
Personal Training 
Quantity Pricing is based on Personal Training Sessions held at the Belle Johnston Community Center   Price
1  session per week 30 minute session
$160 - 1 Month
2 sessions per week 30 minute sessions 
$248 - 1 Month
3 sessions per week 30 minute sessions 
$348 - 1 Month
20 session pack Package of 20 - 30 minute sessions
$540 - 1 Year Exp.

Quantity Pricing is based on Personal Training Sessions held at the Belle Johnston Community Center Price
1 session per week 60 minute session
$232 - 1 Month
2 sessions per week 60 minute sessions
$440 - 1 Month
3 sessions per week 60 minute sessions
$636 - 1 Month 
20 session pack Package of 20 - 60 minute sessions $1,000 - 1 Year Exp.
“All successes begin with Self-Discipline.     It starts with you.” – Dwayne Johnson 

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all of the way, and not starting!

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“Success will always be driven by focus & effort — and we always control both.”                       – Dwayne Johnson